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Press Release : Article Warns Cockroaches Will Remain a Big Problem in Sydney for Many More Months

Sydney Australia’s The Pest Control Company has long been known for its wide variety of quality cockroach, rodent, spider, and other pest management solutions. These are services the company has been successfully performing in its area of New South Wales since 2004. Its services do not stop there either as the company is always looking for ways to better inform its customers about current pest-related topics.

Evidence of this is the company wanting to draw attention to a recent article in News.Com.AU that stated the recent cockroach invasion that is plaguing Sydney and the surrounding areas is far from over.
This article started by saying as it was not enough for Sydney to be pandemic and flood-hit over the last two years and now cockroach infestations have been added into the mix. The article states that experts agree that this recent insect infestation was spurred on by months of rain followed by extensive bouts of hot weather brought on by the La Nina climate system. This has created the perfect breeding environment for insects and cockroaches have been among the biggest beneficiaries. A quote from a local pest control professional even pointed out that “the cockroach influx will most likely last as long the weather stays hot, so possibly up until April or May” This news article went on to point out that Australia is known to have some 400 cockroach species. Many of which have become accustomed to living around humans and the abundant food sources that go along with that.

The News.Com.AU article also stated that cockroaches are ectothermic creatures that breed and develop well under the current warm-humid weather conditions. This combined with a colony’s ability to continue finding food could make cockroach infestations a problem that lasts well into autumn. This is especially true for ‘German cockroaches’ according to the article, which are smaller than standard cockroaches and breed at astronomical rates. This recent news piece also pointed out that cockroach infestations are very hard to control because these creatures are so adept when it comes to finding food sources around a home a business. So even the most well-kept properties are not immune to seeing cockroaches take up residence in it. The article concluded by stating that the best way to get rid of cockroaches is “to have a regular pest service performed”.

The owner of The Pest Control Company, Tommy Horozaki, says, “This recent article highlights a trend as far as cockroaches are concerned in our area that we have experienced firsthand. I remember few times since I started in this business that I have been called on so often to help eliminate and control cockroaches. There even seems to be an increase in the size of the cockroach colonies that I am finding in homes and businesses. Our customers have no reason to panic when seeing an abundance of these scary-looking and bothersome insects because we are a company that is extremely confident in our proven cockroach control methods. The veteran pest control techs that we employ are the best when it comes to finding cockroach infestations in homes and businesses and then taking steps to manage them.”

Those that have had The Pest Control Company handle their cockroach problems for them have written in reviews that they have been very please with the results. Leon Carpenter stated, “So happy with this pest control company in Bondi. The technicians were polite, efficient, and just great. ThCockroach Pest Controley were on time and did a fantastic job killing those pesky little cockroaches. Would highly recommend for pest removal.” Angelo Chandler proclaimed, “Very professional. They arrived well on time and started their work. Answered all my questions. They did pest management, of course, real results will be proven if no cockroaches, bugs are seen in the future. But I am confident they did a good job and we should be fine. Highly recommend.”

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